Discover San Cristobal – Floreana – Isabela – Santa Cruz

Day 1
Quito Arrival

You will be met by your local guide in Quito International airport and transfered to your hotel.  Note:  If you arrive early,  excursions to local attractions can be arranged.

Day 2
Colonial Quito & Middle of the world

After breakfast you will visit the Colonial area of Quito.We will pass through the 12 of October Avenue up to the Culture House and the legislative Palace (Congress) where you can appreciate the history of Ecuador through the famous rock mural.

The tour will then continue through the Gran Colombia Avenue to the Basilica Church. After visiting the church you will head to “San Juan Mirador Monument” and enjoy breathtaking views of this colonial part of Quito.

After a snack we will drive for approximately 45 minutes to the north of Quito to the middle of the world :latitude 0º 0 0” where you will be able to stand in the northern and southern hemisphere. This monument was built during XVII century when a French Expedition precise the location of the Equatorial Line.

Day 3
San Cristobal

Your day will begin with an early morning transfer to the Quito airport and a flight to San Cristobal Island, Galapagos.Your flight first stops in Guayaquil the largest city in Ecuador for about 45 minutes before flying for 1:30 hours to San Cristobal where  you will be met by our Naturalist Guide and local staff and transferred to your hotel.

After lunch we will visit Sea Lion Beach wich is not too far from the town after a short bus ride and   and a short walk to the beach we will be able to watch playful sea lions, frigate birds and marine iguanas.  That  evening we will have a welcome dinner at a local restaurant and your guide will brief you about your next day activities.

Day 4
Sea Lion islet, Kicker Rock and Puerto Grande

The day begins with a short boat ride to sea lion Island observing along the way abundant sea birds life that Galapagos is renowned for.  Here we will snorkel/swim with playful young sea lions and sea turtles.  Then we will continue to Kicker Rock, the remains of a tuff cone rising vertically 150 meters out of the sea.   Here we will snorkel with manta rays, turtles and possible with harmless Galapagos sharks.    After, we will head to Puerto Grande beach one of the most beautiful beaches in the Island where we will have lunch on the boat and return to port late in the afternoon.

Day 5
Floreana Island: Devils Crown, Velasco Ibarra Port

After breakfast we will travel by speed boat to Floreana Island.  Keep a look out for dolphins and albatross along the way.  Two hours thirty minutes later we will snorkel around Enderby or Devils Crown.  This is the best snorkelling in Galapagos where you can see many colorful fish and sea lions.

Later, we make our way to Velasco Ibarra Port and book into our hotel.  In the afternoon we will visit the highlands of Floreana and see the caves where pirates and first settlers once lived.

Day 6
Loberia, Isabela Island

Today after breakfast we will walk to Loberia,  a place to look for sea turtles and marine iguanas before we motor for about two hours to Isabela Island.  After lunch in a local restaurant we will visit the land tortoises breeding center for the unique species from Isabela Island and then we will drive along the shoreline to  Wall of Tears built by convicts many years ago.  We return to our hotel  late afernoon.

Day 7
Sierra Negra Volcano

After breakfast we will travel by bus for about 45 minutes to the Galapagos National Park check point where we will begin our hike that will take us up to Sierra Negra Volcano.  This is  one of the most active volcanoes in Galapagos and has the second largest caldera in the world.

You will be able to experience first hand the rugged, dramatic changing landscape and the steaming fumaroles from volcán chico along the way.  This excursion gives  either a hiking or horseback riding option for a portion of the trip. In the afternoon we will return back to port where you can end your day with a swimm in white counch pearl a beautiful cove near to town.

Day 8
Tintorera Channel – Santa Cruz Island

After breakfast we will take a local dinghy that will bring us to Tintorera Channel at the other side of the bay from Puerto Villamil to look for penguins,  sharks and marine iguanas. After, we will snorkel with sea turtles in a local bay.  After lunch we will depart, by boat for 2:30 minutes to Santa Cruz Island where we will check into our hotel.  The afternoon is for you to explore Puerto Ayora, the busiest town in Galapagos

Day 9
Charles Darwin center and Tortuga Bay

This day we will walk to the Charles Darwin Station where you will be able to learn about the breeding program of diferents species of Galapagos Tortoises that helps to restore the tortoises population on deferents islands and meet the famous lonesome George the last surviver of its species from Pinta Island.

After lunch we will trek to Tortuga Bay 2Km southwest of Puerto Ayora along a trail dotted with Opuntia Cacti which are endemic to Galapagos.Tortuga Bay is a beautiful,long,White fine sand beach.We will walk to the west of the beach to a sheltered lagoon where we can Kayak with sea turtles and reef sharks or swim. Afterwards we will return to Puerto Ayora for the evening where after dinner you can enjoy the nightlife of the town

Day 10
Santa Cruz and Quito

In the morning after breakfast we will drive to the Twins(Sink Holes) where you will be able to apreciate two craters formed after the collapsing of magma chambers surrounded by scalecia trees an endemic plant to the Galapagos. Then we will continue to the north side of Santa Cruz  and cross over to Baltra Island where the airport is located for your flight back to Quito.  We can help you with hotel reservations and the many  tours available in and around Quito if you decide to extend your stay in Quito.