Galapagos Best Diving Program

The Galapagos Best Diving in San Cristóbal is the main program offered by Galapagos Tour Operator OPTURGA S.A., which is a family owned company.  We are not an agency working for commission, but we operate our own boat, 7 Mares, and provide quality opportunities for visitors to enjoy diving in the beautiful Galapagos Islands.

We are licensed by the GALAPAGOS NATIONAL PARK SERVICE and are a reputable tour operator with many years of experience in the industry.

OPTURGA S.A. is run by Galapagos native Roberto Naranjo, Galapagos Naturalist Guide and Dive Master since 1997.


Diving in Galapagos Islands Ecuador

OPTURGA S.A. mainly provides tours around San Cristobal Island but is also authorized to organize and provide tours around Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands.

Each dive itinerary and program can be tailored according to the needs of your group.  All Land & Diving Tours are accompanied by a bilingual Dive Master and a Naturalist Guide certified by the Galapagos National Park Services.                       


Come and discover why Galapagos is one of the world meccas of diving. The GALAPAGOS MARINE RESERVE is a sanctuary with as many unique marine species below the water as above.

Four oceanic currents converge in Galapagos to produce this unique and incredible abundance of marine life.

Divers can expect to see Whale Sharks, Hammer Head Sharks, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Galapagos Sharks, Sting Rays, Sea Lions, Sea Horses and Sea Turtles as well as enormous schools of both pelagic and tropical fish.

After experiencing a dive tour, it is obvious to understand why the Galapagos Islands are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Visitors that only have the opportunity to do a land tour limit themselves to only half of what the islands have to offer.  It is our hope to provide a program to our guests that showcases the full beauty of this unique place.

under water

Kicker Rock (San Cristobal Island)

This iconic Galapagos site is an eroded volcano, now 2 rocks rising 500 feet up out of sea.  Locals say that this site resembles a “Sleeping Lion”, thus its other well-known name is Leon Dormido. As majestic as it is to see above water, being able to experience it under water is equally as impressive.

Visibility for diving around the rock is excellent.  The water is clear and things to see include: Eagle Rays, Galapagos sharks, Hammer Heads, Sea Turtles, Giant Star Fish and a variety of tropical fish. The outside walls are ablaze in color, which is rare in the Galapagos.  There are ledges and cubby holes to explore which can provide chances to see coral shield octopus, turtles, eels and other marine life.

Kicker Rock is excellent diving for all levels. The currents are mild and the water depth is between 9 and 35mts (27-105ft).

PUNTA PITT (San Cristobal Island)

Punta Pitt is located on the east side of San Cristobal Island, and is comprised of volcanic tuff substrate.   It takes approximately 2 hours by boat to get to this marvelous site, but it is well worth the trek.

The water is clear and visibility is outstanding.  Dive sightings include:  Galapagos Sharks, Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays and a variety of tropical fish. Punta Pitt is excellent diving for all levels. The currents are mild and the water depth is between 8 and 25mts (24- 75ft).

All of our 2 tank dive programs include:

kicker Rock

Full diving Kit – Regulator, BCD, Wetsuit, Mask, Fins and Booties, Tanks, Weight Belt, as well as a Bilingual Dive Guide, and a delicious Box Lunch. Upon request, computers are available for rent.